LECTURE: Nutrition for Climbing
Location: TCA Glasgow
Date: 10th November 2013
Time: 11-1pm OR 2.30-4.30pm
This 2 hour lecture will cover nutrition requirements for climbers of all levels and abilities.

The lecture will help you understand why its important to get your nutrition intake right every day. Enabling you to turn up to each climbing session adequately fueled and hydrated, optimise energy levels during climbing performance, enhance recovery and help you to receive the maximum benefit from your training. Getting daily nutrition intake right will also help you to protect your immune system, keeping you healthy and even prevent injury. Rebecca will discuss topics such as;

  • Daily protein, fat and carbohydrate needs and how this translates to timings of meals and snacks for where ever you are climbing.
  • Supplements why some do actually work and which ones benefit climbers and performance.
  • What is an optimal body composition for climbers and how it can be measured.

The lecture allows time for question and answers. Rebecca will also be available at TCA Glasgow during the day if anyone wants to chat individually and find out more.