#Do You Even Science

  ‘Views on diet are strongly held, often strength of opinion is inversely related to strength of scientific evidence’ – Anonymous  Back in October I had the pleasure of attending the Mac Nutrition Mentorship. CPD is always at the forefront of my conscious when working as a High Performance Dietitian. I am always keen to […]

Spend the Day with a High Performance Dietitian

ARE YOU AN ELITE / HIGH LEVEL ADVENTURE ATHLETE?  If you are an elite/high level athlete that takes part in adventure/outdoor sports such as ultra running, endurance adventure, mountaineering, ski touring, climbing, backcountry, skiing/boarding, mountain biking etc THEN THIS IS FOR YOU! This Winter I am offering THREE elite/high level ADVENTURE athletes the opportunity to […]


Where better to start the first blog than at the beginning… When our bodies are made up from the food we eat it seems sense less not to choose wisely what we eat on a daily basis. Good nutrition can go along way to healing, promoting health, boosting vitality, increasing energy levels, improving body composition […]